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Commercial Property Assessed Capital Expenditure (CPACE) legislation

Defeat of legislation harmful to utility scale projects

Solar for All New Orleans

Diversified Energy is the Future of the Gulf States

Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have long been leaders in our nation’s energy production. As diverse energy sources continue to expand, we’re here to ensure a thriving renewable energy industry by working for our members every step of the way. Gulf States Renewable Energy Industries Association is the effective voice for leadership and advocacy for our industry and expanding workforce.

Sector Committees

Gulf States Renewable Energy Industries Association (GSREIA) Members looking for the most direct and effective way to influence legislation and regulation should consider joining one of the sector-specific committees, such as Distributed Generation, Utility Scale Renewables, and Emerging Solutions (energy sources in development stages of offtake).

Industry Events

The GSREIA calendar includes a range of networking events and conferences designed to foster connections, growth, and innovation within the renewable industry in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and beyond.

Policy Initiatives

Whether GSREIA is writing and sponsoring legislation, attending Public Service Commission hearings, or taking a legal stance on behalf of the renewable energy industry, working with members to develop sound policy and advocate on behalf of our members is at the very heart of our mission.

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